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Discussion Questions

  1. Explain the concept of jurisdiction and give four examples of the different types of jurisdiction.

  2. How does a case get to the Supreme Court? What is the basis for acceptance of an appeal?

  3. What are the three main purposes of the Supreme Court?

  4. Who are the three key actors in court? What are the duties of each?

  5. What is the Missouri Plan, and how does it work?

  6. What is the Judiciary Act of 1789, and what did it do?

  7. What is the function of the district courts?

  8. What does the phrase "court of last resort" mean, and which courts does it apply to?

  9. What are the methods of selecting judges?

  10. When a trial begins, which side presents its case first, and why?

  11. What causes a mistrial? What happens after a mistrial is declared?

  12. What information might be included in a pre-sentence investigation?

  13. Briefly explain the different types of appeals.

  14. What is voir dire? What are the challenges available during voir dire? Have any of them been abused in the past?

  15. What is the purpose of a jury consultant, and who would be the most likely to hire one?

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