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V.J. Manzo

V.J. Manzo (PhD Temple University, M.M. New York University) is Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Perception at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). He is a composer and guitarist with research interests in theory and composition, artificial intelligence, interactive music systems, and music cognition.

V.J. is the Oxford University Press author of the book MAX/MSP/Jitter for Music (2011) on developing software-based interactive software systems for composition, performance, instruction, and research.

He has authored several open-source interactive music projects including the Modal Object Library, a collection of composition/theory algorithms for use in algorithmic and electro-acoustic composition, and EAMIR, an open-source project assisting individuals, including those with disabilities, to compose and perform music with accessible musical interfaces, alternate/adaptive controllers, and sensors.

V.J. Has lectured on electronic music and interactive music systems for education and presented his compositions and interactive systems at numerous universities, conferences, and performance venues including ACM, ATMI, CMS, ISTE, TI:ME, SEAMUS, MENC, Peabody, American Composers Forum, and ASTA.

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