Jean Kazez: Necessities

  1. Which of the following does Kazez not include on her list of “necessities”?
      a. Happiness.
      b. Morality.
      c. Knowledge.
      d. Autonomy.
  2. What is Kazez's objection to the severe religious monasticism of Galileo's daughter?
      a. Galileo's daughter lacked education.
      b. Kazez believes that religious pursuits lack value.
      c. Galileo's daughter was treated unequally because of her gender.
      d. Galileo's daughter lacked autonomy.
  3. Which of the following statements about happiness would Kazez not agree to?
      a. Happiness is more valuable when it comes from worthwhile activities.
      b. Happiness gained from torturing people has no value whatsoever.
      c. Happiness is necessary to a good life.
      d. All happiness is good.
  4. Which of the following does Kazez claim is necessary to a good life?
      a. Progress over time.
      b. Meaningful friendships.
      c. Intellectual achievement.
      d. The respect of one's peers.
  5. What is missing from the life of “Nowhere Man,” according to Kazez?
      a. Self-expression.
      b. Autonomy.
      c. Happiness.
      d. Morality.
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