Chapter 5


  1. Origins of Imperialism

  2. The First Transoceanic Empires: Spain and Portugal
    1. Colonial Collusion: Dividing the World
    2. Spanish Colonial Administration
    3. Portuguese Colonialism
    4. Spanish-American Independence
    5. Independence from Portugal

  3. Dutch Empire

  4. Anglo-French Rivalry
    1. France's Bid for Empire

  5. British Empire
    1. Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
    2. Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
    3. Twilight of Empire

  6. Two Great Continental Empires: Russia and the United States
    1. The Russians
      1. Ninth Through Eighteenth Centuries
      2. Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
    2. The Americans

  7. Ottoman Empire A. Fourteenth Through Eighteenth Centuries B. Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

  8. Too Little, Too Late: German and Japanese Empires

  9. Decline of Imperialism

  10. Social Impact of Imperialism
    1. North America
    2. The Caribbean
    3. Latin America
    4. Africa
    5. Asia
    6. The Pacific
    7. China and Japan

  11. Economic Consequences of Colonialism
    1. Latin America, Africa, and the Pacific
    2. Asia
    3. Economic Consequences: An Assessment

  12. Cultural and Ideological Impact of Colonialism
    1. Colonialism and Culture
    2. Colonialism and Ideology

  13. Conclusion

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