Chapter 4


  1. Who or What Caused the Cold War?
    1. It Was Moscow's Fault
    2. No, It Was Washington's Fault
    3. Ideological Conflict
    4. Leadership or Lack Thereof
    5. One World Divided by Two Superpowers Equals Conflict
    6. It Was All a Misunderstanding

  2. Heating Up the Cold War
    1. Initial Confrontation: Iran
    2. The Iron Curtain Descends and Conflict Intensifies
    3. Truman Doctrine
    4. Marshall Plan
    5. Berlin Blockade
    6. NATO and the Warsaw Pact

  3. Transformation of the World Economy
    1. The Bretton Woods System

  4. The Cold War in Asia
    1. NSC-68
    2. Korea: The Turning Point

  5. The Cold War and the Third World

  6. Trouble Spots: Berlin and Cuba
    1. JFK, Cold Warrior
    2. Berlin Wall
    3. Cuban Missile Crisis

  7. Vietnam and Its Consequences

  8. The Apparent Decline of U.S. Economic Hegemony

  9. Détente
    1. The Opening of China, the Moscow Summit, and SALT
    2. Tensions in Détente

  10. From Dialogue to Discord
    1. The Invasion of Afghanistan
    2. The Reagan Doctrine

  11. Why Did the Cold War End?
    1. The Gorbachev Factor
    2. Failure of Communism
    3. The End of the Evil Empire
    4. The End of Bipolarity

  12. Conclusion

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