Chapter 3


  1. Thirty Years' War and the Peace of Westphalia

  2. Eighteenth-Century Europe
    1. Great Powers
    2. Aftermath of War and Two Revolutions

  3. Napoleonic Era

  4. The Concert of Europe

  5. Unification of Italy and Germany
    1. Italian Unification
    2. German Unification

  6. The Industrial Revolution

  7. British Economic Hegemony and Its Challenges

  8. Bismarckian System

  9. The Eve of War: Protectionism and Discord

  10. The World Wars    

  11. Causes of World War I
    1. Rise of Germany
    2. Alliance System
    3. Economic Change and Competition
    4. Nationalism
    5. Imperialism
    6. Cult of the Offensive

  12. Consequences of World War I
    1. Russian Revolution
    2. Versailles Settlement
    3. A Weak League and the Road to Another War
    4. Economic Collapse and the Great Depression

  13. Causes of World War II

  14. Consequences of World War II
    1. Uneasy Alliance
    2. The Holocaust
    3. Atomic Bomb

  15. Conclusion

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