Chapter 13


  1. International Law
    1. Sources of International Law
      1. Customary Practices
      2. Treaties
    2. Violation and Compliance
    3. Areas of International Law
      1. Human Rights Under International Law
      2. Can Human Rights Conventions Be Enforced?
      3. Warfare and Aggression
    4. Effectiveness and Compliance: The Verdict on International Law

  2. International Organizations
    1. International Governmental Organizations
    2. Security IGOs: The United Nations
      1. The United Nations Is Born
      2. The United Nations: Structure, Functions, and Politics
        1. General Assembly
        2. Security Council
        3. Secretariat and Secretary-General
        4. International Court of Justice
        5. Economic and Social Council
        6. UN Peacekeeping Missions: Expectations and Experience
      3. United Nations' Effectiveness
    3. Economic IGOs
      1. The World Bank
      2. The International Monetary Fund
      3. The GATT and the World Trade Organization (WTO)
      4. The Bretton Woods Institutions into the Future

  3. Nongovernmental Organizations
    1. NGOs, Power, and Global Governance
    2. NGOs in Action

  4. Conclusion

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