Welcome to Oxford’s Philosophy Here & Now Companion Website! Here you will find various resources to assist you.

About the Book presents:

  • Information about Philosophy Here & Now
  • Information About the Author
  • The full Table of Contents

In Instructor Resources, there are:

  • Downloadable Instructors Manual and Testbank, which features:
    • Brief summaries of each reading selection (70 in all).

    • Banks of test questions (with answers)—at least 50 questions per chapter: about 30 multiple choice and 20 true/false (many of the multiple choice are also fill-in-the-blank). There are 380 questions in all (the first ten of the multiple choice and the first ten of the true/false are repeated in the online Student Resources).

    • Ten essay/discussion questions per chapter.

    • A glossary of the key terms highlighted in the text.

    • Useful Web links for each chapter.

    • Sample syllabi.

  • PowerPoint Lectures to help you structure your classes

In Student Resources, you will find:

  • Multiple-choice self-quizzes on every chapter in the book

  • Essay questions to get you thinking about each chapter

  • Reading summaries for all the readings in the book

  • Flashcards to practice key terms from the book

  • Weblinks to other sites of interest

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