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The following are sites of interest relating to the study of cultural anthropology.

American Anthropological Association Blog

A service to its members and the public created by the American Anthropological Association, the AAA web log is a forum for discussing topics of debate in anthropology and a space for public commentary on association policies, publications, and advocacy issues. It is intended as a place to spur intellectual discussion and critique grounded in anthropological and other scientific research.

The American Folklife Center

The twentieth century has been called the age of documentation, and folklorists and other ethnographers have taken advantage of each succeeding technology, from Thomas Edison's wax-cylinder recording machine, invented in 1877, to the latest digital audio equipment, in order to record the voices and music of many regional, ethnic, and cultural groups, in the United States and around the world. Much of this priceless documentation has been assembled and preserved in the American Folklife Center's Archive of Folk Culture. On this site you will find not only an introduction to the activities of the American Folklife Center and its Archive of Folk Culture but also news about programs and activities, online presentations of collections, and other resources to facilitate folklife projects and study.

Becoming Human

A fascinating site that explores human origins. Of particular interest are a number of interactive features, including a documentary. There is also a news section with latest news of relevance to physical anthropology. The site is the creation of the Institute of Human Origins (IHO) based at Arizona State University. The IHO conducts, interprets, and publicizes scientific research on human evolution. Their approach brings together scientists from diverse disciplines to develop integrated, bio-behavioral investigations of human evolution.

National Association of Student Anthropologists

The website of the National Association of Student Anthropologists. NASA is a "section" of the American Anthropological Association and was founded in 1985 to address graduate and undergraduate student concerns and promote anthropologists-in-training. Here you will find information about joining both NASA and the AAA as a student member.

Race: Are We So Different?

Looking through the eyes of history, science, and lived experience, the RACE Project explains differences among people and reveals the reality—and unreality—of race. The story of race is complex and may challenge how we think about race and human variation, about the differences and similarities among people. RACE is a project of the American Anthropological Association funded by the Ford Foundation and the National Science Foundation.

Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology—A Group Blog

Savage Minds is a collective blog devoted to both bringing anthropology to a wider audience as well as providing an online forum for discussing the latest developments in the field. The blog is the product of a group of Ph.D. students and professors who teach and study anthropology. Founded in 2005, Savage Minds was ranked 17th out of 50 top science blogs by the journal Nature in 2006. In 2010, American Anthropologist called Savage Minds "the central online site of the North American anthropological community" whose "value is found in the quality of the posts by the site's central contributors, a cadre of bright, engaged, young anthropology professors." It is a fun and interesting site to get a sense of what is new and exciting in the field.

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