About the Book

World Religions Today is the only book to examine the effects of modernity and globalization on the daily practice by believers of the world's major religions. The book connects today's religions to their classical beliefs and practices but also shows how these religions have responded to and been transformed by the modern world. It is designed as the core textbook for university survey courses on world religions, usually offered in the first or second year. This particularly lively and thoughtful survey is now updated to cover more aspects of the current international situation and developments in religious life around the world.

  • NEW "Tales of Spiritual Transformation" boxes in each chapter tell a story of someone whose life was changed through religious faith and help to personalize the religions being discussed.
  • NEW "Teachings of Spiritual Wisdom" boxes, also in each chapter, allow each religion to speak for itself through primary source material.
Students will find assistance in putting a vast array of data in context, through timelines of each religion and full-color maps, as well as a comprehensive glossary. Discussion questions and suggestions for further reading will help students examine what they have learned, then research further.

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