About the Bonus Track

Organization of the Bonus Track

Every chapter has questions and activities organized into three categories that are progressively more challenging, more engaged in the issues at hand, and more research oriented from I to III. While I offers an almost playful, easy access to topics, III provides suggestions for independent research, final papers, etc.

I) Warming up the Ear

Association exercises, quick Web searches, and recalling personal experience provide an engaging entry into the new topic.

II) Working with the Text

Close readings and comprehension questions (e.g., How do the authors of the various chapters define certain key terms?) can be answered by closely reading the text; no further research is required. These questions can be handed out as reading questions to delve into the text or used as topics for essays and class discussions.

III) Further Food for Thought

This section goes beyond the text by providing suggestions for further readings and films to watch. Posing more open questions, the authors offer a point of departure for independent thinking and engaged research. How can what was learned in the text be related to one’s own experience? The Bonus Track of Germany in the Loud Twentieth Century has been designed with students at North American colleges in mind, therefore many questions relate back to an American experience with sound.

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