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Second Edition Errata

  1. Page 3, footnote to table 1–1: The reference number should be 3, not 5.

  2. Page 80, Line 1 and line 12 under header “Cohort Study of X-Ray Fluoroscopy and Breast Cancer: An Example”: “Table 4–6” should be “Table 4–7”.

  3. Page 93, 6th line from bottom: “Table 4–6” should be “Table 4–7”.

  4. Page 95, first paragraph, last line: change “is” to “should be”.

  5. Page 119, last line before new section header near bottom of page: change reference number 7 at the end of the line to reference number 6.

  6. Page 163, third line from the bottom of question 9: change “rates ratio” to “rate ratios”.

  7. Page 236, title of table 13–1, “Acid-Free” should be “Acid-Fast”.

First Edition Errata

Errata 1-3 apply to the first and second printings. They have been corrected for the third and subsequent printings. Errata 4-7 are corrected in the eighth printing, and errata 8 and 9 are corrected in the ninth printing.

  1. On page 152, the first formula, “di” should be “ci” and “ci” should be “di”.

  2. In the example on the bottom of page 151, the products “8 · 115” and “5 · 98” in the first term of the numerator of the variance formula should be “8 · 98” and “5 · 115” respectively, and the products “22 · 69” and “16 · 76” in the second term of the numerator should be “22 · 76” and “16 · 69” respectively. In the lines following, the following changes should be made: “3.3761 + 7.5278” should be “3.1681 + 7.4879”, “0.001052” should be “0.001028”, and “0.0324” should be “0.0321”.

  3. On page 175, third line above formula 9-3: insert “not” before “obtainable”.

  4. In table 8-4 on page 152, in the formula for incidence rate ratio, in the numerator, the exponent “2” should be inside rather than outside the parenthesis.

  5. Page 170, line 14 from bottom, the sentence should read as follows: “What can we say about how exposure to smoking modifies the effect of asbestos?”

  6. Page 200, table 11-1, second line of title: &ldquo';acid-free” should be “acid-fast”.

  7. Page 201, line 4: “sensitivity” should be “specificity”.

  8. In table 8-4 on page 152, in the numerator of the formula for incidence rate ratio, the subscript for M should be i, rather than 1i.

  9. Figure 10-1, page 182, the second line of the title for the Y-axis should read “Deaths/100,000 Person-Years” rather than “Deaths/10,000 Person-Years”. On the same page, “10,000” should be “100,000” on lines 10, 11, 13, and 17.

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