Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a network approach to bureaucracy?
      a. Very few fixed bureaucratic relationships
      b. Loosely organized
      c. Swarming
      d. Easy to hold people accountable
  2. Which of the following were barriers to women and minority in entry and advancement in bureaucracies?
      a. Gendering of positions
      b. Patronage system
      c. Glass ceilings
      d. All of the above
  3. Which of the following has reduced red tape in bureaucracies?
      a. Increase in the number of forms
      b. E-government
      c. Decrease in the number of employees
      d. None of the above
  4. Which of the following describes a Weberian model of bureaucracy?
      a. Workers freely communicate with their superiors
      b. Scientific division of labor
      c. Workers do not specialize in one specific area
      d. All of the above
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