Essay Questions

  1. Outline and discuss the three-tiered structure that characterizes the state court system.
    • General and limited trial courts
    • Appellate courts
    • State Supreme Court

  2. List and discuss four different types of "community courts" discussed in the textbook.
    • Probate court
    • Family court
    • Traffic court
    • Juvenile court
    • Municipal court

  3. What are "problem-solving" courts? List and briefly discuss three reasons for the rise of such courts.
    • Specialized courts
    • Therapeutic justice
    • Collaborative
    • Got started in Florida ("drug court") in 1989
    • Prison overcrowding
    • Increased social awareness
    • Rising court caseloads

  4. What are three courses of action that can be taken by an administrative law court judge?
    • Mediate
    • Arbitrate
    • Make binding decisions

  5. List and discuss four methods of judicial selection.
    • Gubernatorial appointment
    • Nonpartisan elections
    • Partisan elections
    • Legislative appointment
    • Merit commission

  6. Compare the views of historical political leaders with contemporary public views of judicial elections.
    • Taft and Hamilton opposed
    • Current public views support judicial elections

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