Essay Questions

  1. List and discuss four reasons why a governor might leave office early.
    • Election or appointment to another political office
    • Losing in a recall election
    • Death or incapacity
    • Resignation for other reasons

  2. Discuss two major methods by which governors manage their office staff.
    • Hierarchical
    • Collegial

  3. Using information in the textbook, discuss four roles of the secretary of state at the state level.
    • International/"interstate" diplomacy
    • Managing business licenses
    • Business development
    • Managing elections
    • Playing a role in national and state-level legislative redistricting

  4. According to the textbook, what are two major divisions found within state attorneys general offices?
    • Criminal
    • Civil

  5. What are four basic functions of the superintendant of public instruction?
    • Curriculum supervision
    • Student testing
    • Basic education requirements
    • Management of state finances for education
    • Ensuring equality of education
    • Management of grants

  6. List and discuss three different organizational conditions under which mayors operate.
    • Strong mayor-council
    • Weak mayor-council
    • Commission

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