Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. What are the two factors that define a republican form of government?
      a. The separation of powers and the level of centralization
      b. The level of centralization and the power of the executive
      c. The separation of powers and the power of the executive
      d. An independent judiciary and a bicameral legislature
  2. Which of the following is NOT a method used to change state constitutions?
      a. Legislative proposal
      b. Constitutional convention
      c. Executive order
      d. Popular initiative
  3. How many states allow for amendments to their constitutions through popular initiatives?
      a. Less than half
      b. Approximately half
      c. More than half
      d. All
  4. “An agreement between two parties in the form of a legal document; often used to define partnerships between departments or public agencies” is the definition of which of the following?
      a. Intergovernmental agreement
      b. Memorandum of understanding
      c. Service legal agreement
      d. None of the above
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