Learning Objectives

Students should be familiar with...

  • The changing nature of the policy process in postindustrial America.
  • How citizens can get involved in state and local government policy processes.
  • The role of political parties and elections in state and local politics and policymaking.
  • The types of interest groups present and the strategies these groups typically use in state and local policy processes.
  • The role of the mass media in policy processes.
  • How industry and business can often exert significant influence in state and local politics.
  • The role of social movements in shaping state and local politics and policy processes.
  • How policymaking processes differ between various systems, including the separation of powers political system found in the United States and the integration of powers (parliamentary) political systems found elsewhere.
  • Competing models of how the policymaking process occurs in state and local governments.
  • Suggestions for how policy processes and actors can enhance community sustainability.

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