Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. Which model of federalism arose out of discontent with cooperative federalism and is outcome driven instead of process driven?
      a. Dual federalism
      b. Pragmatic federalism
      c. Network federalism
      d. Non-centralized federalism
  2. Social inequality and being silent on the issue of individual rights are problems with which form of federalism?
      a. Dual federalism
      b. Cooperative federalism
      c. Pragmatic federalism
      d. Non-centralized federalism
  3. Industrialization, urban population growth due to immigration, and the demise of small intimate communities contributed to the rise of which form of federalism?
      a. Non-centralized federalism
      b. Dual federalism
      c. Pragmatic federalism
      d. Cooperative federalism
  4. “Ideologies and movements favoring or advocating progress, changes, improvement, or reform of existing institutions and/or practices” is the definition of which of the following?
      a. Organizational culture
      b. Progressivism
      c. Pork barrel
      d. Network federalism
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