Essay Questions

  1. Using the chapter readings, list and discuss three advantages to federalism.
    • Myriad of governmental units
    • Competition between units of government
    • Reduces government growth and promotes efficiency
    • Responsiveness is enhanced
    • Federalism is correlated with private economic growth
    • Federalism is likely to produce public and private innovation

  2. Using the chapter readings, list and discuss three models of federalism.
    • Dual federalism
    • Cooperative federalism
    • Pragmatic federalism
    • Non-centralized federalism
    • Nation-centered federalism

  3. Using the chapter readings, discuss three reasons for the emergence of cooperative federalism.
    • The dislocation of the individual from communities and growing urbanism
    • The large-scale industrialization and rapid population growth
    • The evolving role of national government as the guarantor of individual rights and liberties

  4. Using the chapter readings, what are three advantages to network federalism?
    • Reduced cost—As governmental units continue to overlap, collaboration means that wasteful stand-alone efforts are limited.
    • Increased effectiveness—Network federalism means that individuals converge around a problem based on the nature of a problem at any given moment.
    • Increased unity of purpose—As governmental units begin to work together to create mutually beneficial successes, there is a greater sense of unity and decreased problems of jurisdictional squabbling and variations in communication.

  5. Using the chapter readings, discuss three important characteristics associated with professionalism in administrative personnel.
    • Experience
    • Education
    • Salaries
    • Training

  6. According to the chapter readings, what are "pork barrel" projects?
    • Congresspeople steering resources "back home" to their own state.

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