Essay Questions

  1. List and discuss three different views regarding the causes of crime.
    • Sociogenic
    • Psychogenic
    • Biogenic

  2. According to Albert Roberts, what five characteristics are common to most institutional correctional facility inmates?
    • Character disorder
    • Unemployability
    • Relationship hang-ups
    • Social stigma
    • Immaturity

  3. What is Head Start?
    • A preschool program for young disadvantaged children with the stated purpose of getting these children ready for the rigors of the first grade.

  4. List and discuss four requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act.
    1. Deadlines for states to implement the scope and frequency of student testing must be met on time or suffer the loss of federal funds
    2. Formal written guarantee from schools that teachers are highly qualified in their teaching subjects
    3. School must demonstrate annual progress in increasing the percentage of students shown to be proficient in math and reading
    4. Schools must narrow the gap in test scores between disadvantaged and advantaged students

  5. Discuss three methods of developing more equitable and sustainable transportation systems.
    • Road use taxes
    • Non-motor transportation development
    • Mass transit

  6. What is emergency management?
    • The process of how governments prepare to protect citizens from perceived threats, and how they seek to prevent, respond to, and recover from natural and manmade disasters.

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