Welcome to the companion website for From Sound to Symbol: Fundamentals of Music, Second Edition, by Mícheál Houlahan and Philip Tacka. New to this edition, this companion website offers extensive additional resources for students and instructors. Students will find supplementary musicianship exercises to develop their singing, memory, audiation, sight singing, and keyboard skills, in addition to flash cards for the terms in the glossary at the back of the text. Instructors will find video clips from the classroom, a sample syllabus and course outline, sample lesson plans, teaching strategies, and additional aural and written dictation examples.

Groundbreaking in its approach to music fundamentals for non-majors, From Sound to Symbol fosters a deep understanding of the rhythmic and melodic building blocks of music by focusing first on sound rather than symbols. Students actively and methodically explore music by listening, performing, thinking critically, and composing, learning the rudiments of music theory in the process. 


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