Speech Topic Ideas

Informative Speech Topics

  • Inform my audience about the origins and current trends in public radio.
  • Inform my audience about how a natural disaster develops such as a tornado, a hurricane, or an earthquake.
  • Inform my audience about the origins, development, and ethical implications of polygraph testing.
  • Inform my audience on the frequency and use of deception in commercial advertising.
  • Inform my audience about how to conduct genealogical research (family history).
  • Inform my audience about the growth of women's participation in sports.
  • Inform my audience about a cultural or religious custom.
  • Inform my audience about marriage rituals around the world.
  • Inform my audience about the history and development of jigsaw puzzles.
  • Inform my audience about the most common verbal and nonverbal indicators of deception.
  • Inform my audience about how to obtain one's credit report and what it means.
  • Inform my audience about the latest developments in HIV/AIDS research.
  • Inform my audience about how and why interest rates affect stock prices.
  • Inform my audience about the history and mystery of crop circles.
  • Inform my audience about the uses of humor in hospital settings.
  • Inform my audience about critically evaluating information on the Internet.
  • Inform my audience about NASCAR racing.
  • Inform my audience about past and current trends for homelessness in the United States.
  • Inform my audience about the effects of color and how colors are used in business and professional settings.
  • Inform my audience about how to balance a checkbook.
  • Inform my audience about how the salary cap in professional football works.

Demonstration Speech Topics

A good place to find ideas for a demonstration speech is This Web site gives you step-by-step instructions in many areas.

Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Persuade my audience that hate speech should (not) be protected by the First Amendment.
  • Persuade my audience that the legal drinking age should be raised/lowered.
  • Persuade my audience that welfare mothers should (not) be required to work.
  • Persuade my audience that congressional term limits should (not) be imposed.
  • Persuade my audience why it is (not) necessary to participate in a recycling program.
  • Persuade my audience that it is (not) crucial for people to develop a career before marriage.
  • Persuade my audience why Americans should (not) become bilingual.
  • Persuade my audience why prostitution should (not) be legalized in the United States.
  • Persuade my audience that the death penalty is (not) an ethical punishment.
  • Persuade my audience why Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) should (not) be more strictly regulated at the federal level.
  • Persuade my audience why George Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, or any other U.S. president was the best president.
  • Persuade college students why they should (not) join a campus political organization of their choice.
  • Persuade my audience on why the U.S. government should provide more funds for the arts.
  • Persuade my audience that marijuana should (not) be legalized in the United States.
  • Persuade my audience that a certain country, state, or city is an ideal place for a vacation.
  • Persuade my audience why the use of animals in cosmetics testing and medical research should (not) be banned.
  • Persuade my audience that college students should (not) be required to take a foreign language class.
  • Persuade my audience that elementary and high schools should (not) post the Ten Commandments in every classroom.

Special Occasion Speech Topics

  • Deliver a best man or maid-of-honor's toast to a wedding couple at their reception.
  • Deliver an inspiring speech at a high school or college commencement ceremony.
  • Deliver a eulogy for a historical figure.
  • Deliver an acceptance speech for winning an award, such as a scholarship, a Nobel or Pulitzer Prize, or MVP of an athletic competition.
  • Deliver a speech on a company's successes at an annual banquet.
  • Give a roast at an employee's retirement party.
  • Deliver a speech as a newly appointed company president to employees.
  • Deliver the keynote address to an important gathering, such as the National Organization for Women's annual convention.
  • Give an entertaining speech on the use of humor during the keynote luncheon at the American Medical Association's annual convention.
  • Present an employee-of-the-year award at a company meeting.

Business Presentation Topics

  • Prepare a presentation to management staff on the effective use of PowerPoint.
  • Prepare a presentation to sales representatives on various strategies for closing a sale.
  • Promote an advertising campaign to sell a new health food product (or any product) to a potential client.
  • Prepare a presentation to new employees on the company's sexual harassment policies.
  • Prepare a multicultural training seminar for new employees.
  • Prepare a presentation to company managers on effective time management.
  • Prepare a presentation on using computers to increase one's job productivity.
  • Present a department's quarterly earnings, losses, and expenses to upper management.
  • Prepare a technical presentation to new employees on how to complete a task that is crucial to their job.
  • Deliver a progress report to management on a group's development of their advertising campaign.
  • Deliver a staff report to an employee.

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