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Further Reading

Brewer, Holly. By Birth or Consent: Children, Law, and the Anglo- American Revolution in Authority. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2005. A fascinating account that accords a central role to Puritans in the shaping of modern Anglo-American concepts of rights, be they children’s, spouses’, or parents’ rights.

Calloway, Colin G. One Vast Winter Count: The Native American West before Lewis and Clark. Lincoln and London: University of Nebraska Press, 2003. An overview of Indian history from the arrival of humans to the early 1800s that focuses on southwestern and Plains peoples and how they adapted to European invaders.

Games, Alison. Migration and the Origins of the English Atlantic World. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1999. Tracks English men and women who migrated through London in the 1630s to North America and the Caribbean and examines how they fared in their new homes.

Kupperman, Karen Ordahl. The Jamestown Project. Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2007. A comprehensive history published on the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown which argues that early Virginia provided a successful model to the English for how to colonize the Americas.

Townsend, Camilla. Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma. New York: Hill and Wang, 2004. A sensitive account of Pocahontas and her world that clearly spells out the challenges that English colonization posed for her and for Tsenacommacah’s residents.

Publish by Oxford University Press

Anderson, Virginia DeJohn. Creatures of Empire: How Domestic Animals Transformed Early America. Examines the ways livestock contributed to conflict between colonists and Indian peoples, helped colonists expand westward, and transformed native cultures.

Axtell, James. Natives and Newcomers: The Cultural Origins of North America. A collection of 15 essays from one of the leading ethno-historians examining the interactions between colonists and Indian peoples and showing the consequences of these encounters for both groups.

Bonomi, Patricia U. Under the Cope of Heaven: Religion, Society, and Politics in Colonial America. Looks at religion in all sections of the British American colonies and argues it was as important to the development of American society as politics or the economy.

Cushner, Nicholas P. Why Have You Come Here? The Jesuits and the First Evangelization of Native America. Provides an analysis of the missionary activity of the Jesuits in America and the ways this encounter transformed native communities.

Fischer, David Hackett. Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America. Argues that four British migrations and cultures formed the basis for colonial and, later, American identity.

Staloff, Darren. The Making of an American Thinking Class: Intellectuals & Intelligentsia in Puritan Massachusetts. Argues that the clergy and magistrates profoundly shaped the social, cultural, and political world of Puritan Massachusetts through ideology.

Van Zandt, Cynthia J. Brothers Among Nations, The Pursuit of Intercultural Alliances in Early America, 1580–1660. Argues that alliances between native peoples and Europeans radically shaped the contours of the colonial world.

Web Sites

Africans in America. Accompanying the PBS series of the same title, this web site provides information and various primary materials on African American life and culture from the 1400s to the end of the Civil War.

Contested Visions in the Spanish Colonial World. With images of artifacts and artwork and interpretation, this web site explores the Spanish presence in the Americas and its effects on Indian peoples.

History: Native America. With links to dozens of other web sites and their own interpretative materials, this page from the University of Washington is a great resource for much Native American history from pre-history to the present.

The Plymouth Colony Archive Project. This web site offers searchable full-text documentation, images, archeological data, and more, along with interpretation, allowing one to better understand the first New England colony.

Virtual Jamestown. Offering everything from 3D recreations of neighboring Indian villages to full-text labor contracts from the early 1600s, this web site provides a wealth of information on early Jamestown.

Outline of Prehistory and History—Southeastern North American and the Caribbean. Maintained by the National Park Service, this web site provides detailed information about the native peoples and their environmental impacts, archeological and historical evidence of their ways of life, and the impacts of European contact and colonization on their societies.

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