“The greatest strength of this text’s global approach is that it comes without sacrificing depth, analytical breadth, or attention to those key figures and events central to more nation-based histories of the U.S. This is global history, plus.” – Nico Slate, Carnegie Mellon University

“This is a wonderful and much-needed approach to the survey. It is exceptional and will force students to engage with American history from a fresh and relevant perspective.” – Jeffrey Kosiorek, Hendrix College

“I can honestly say that this textbook not only presents the information in a new light, but does it so much so that I would seriously consider changing textbooks.” – Robin Henry, Wichita State University

“The scholarship is particularly strong. I am impressed with how well the authors have managed to link the global concepts to virtually every area of American history.” – Bill Wood, University of Arkansas at Batesville

“American Horizons does a great job connecting American history to world events, and showing how American and world history play off of one another.” – Cynthia Counsil, Florida State College at Jacksonville

“An exceptional book for instructors wishing to globalize American history.” – Kurt Troutman, Muskegon Community College

“The ‘Global Passages’ features are wonderful—more of those micro-histories I incorporate so often in my courses, and which students find so helpful.” – Brenda Jackson-Abernathy, Belmont University

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