While social work policy can be considered the what, and practice, the how, the study of human behavior is concerned with why. Why do people do the things they do? Why do individuals behave differently in groups than when alone? Why do some people become the victims of their lives while others who have endured tragedy become life's heroes?

Resilience across the life span is a new major theme of the second edition of the bestselling Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Micro Level. In an elegant and accessible manner, Katherine van Wormer explores the nuances of the biological, psychological, cultural, and spiritual dimensions of our social lives from an ecosystems and empowerment-based perspective. Drawing on examples from social work, psychology, literature, philosophy, and current events, vignettes highlight the turning points in our lives and invite students to explore the contradictions between how we mean to be and how others view us. The result is an essential book that bridges theory and practice, providing extraordinary insight into our drives and motivations, and revealing the myriad patterns and paradoxes of our behavior in the social context.

  • Integrates new research findings and recent census and global health data
  • Revised with augmented discussions of multiculturalism, Latino/Latina identity issues, and late adulthood to reflect demographic changes in the United States
  • Outlines theoretical concepts and practice implications in each chapter
  • Places unique emphasis on biology's influence on human behavior, employing the latest empirical data in discussions of matters such as gender differences, genetics, and mental disorders
  • Focuses on evidence-based theory and research
  • Teaches from a global, cross-cultural, perspective, highlighting themes of empowerment and social justice
  • Features dynamic readings, personal narratives, and photographs that highlight each chapter’s topic

Chapter 1 Human Behavior: Theoretical Concepts

Chapter 2 Biological Factors in Human Behavior

Chapter 3 The Psychology of Human Behavior

Chapter 4 Birth through Adolescence

Chapter 5 Early Adulthood through Middle Age

Chapter 6 Late Middle Age Through the End of Life

Chapter 7 The Individual in the Family

In addition, comprehensive PowerPoint sets are available for instructors to download for both volumes. To access these resources, please email Mary Helen Turnage to obtain the username and password.

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