Multiple Choice Questions

  1. How many links are there in the chain of interdependent origination?
      a. Three
      b. Four
      c. Eight
      d. Twelve
  2. The Buddha’s father tried to insulate his son from the outside world because he was afraid he might become a
      a. Philosopher
      b. Priest
      c. Madman
      d. Wandering sage
  3. Siddhartha’s first act of renunciation was
      a. Taking off his fine clothes and cutting his hair
      b. Joining a forest monastery
      c. Taking the vow of the bodhisattva
      d. Taking off his crown
  4. The five ascetics abandoned Siddhartha in his austerities because they
      a. Were jealous of his skill in meditation
      b. Disagreed with his teachings
      c. Were disgusted by his lack of discipline
      d. Feared his power
  5. The Buddha died at the age of
      a. 55
      b. 70
      c. 80
      d. 87
  6. Our sense of self is made up of ________ aggregates or components.
      a. Three
      b. Five
      c. Seven
      d. Twelve
  7. Which of the following is not one of the Five Precepts?
      a. Not stealing
      b. Not committing inappropriate sexual acts
      c. Not lying
      d. Not eating meat
  8. The original Buddhist canon was called Tripitaka because Buddhist texts were originally stored in ____________.
      a. Baskets
      b. Barrels
      c. Ceramic urns
      d. Caves
  9. Mahayana Buddhists expanded the daily threefold prayer of refuge with a “vow of _____________.”
      a. Nonviolence
      b. The bodhisattva
      c. Celibacy
      d. Loving kindness
  10. From which Buddhist tradition does the following statement originate: “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”
      a. Vajrayana
      b. Zen
      c. Theravada
      d. Shingon
  11. It was Mahaprajapati, the Buddha’s ________________, who petitioned for women to be allowed ordination.
      a. Aunt
      b. Sister
      c. Father
      d. Stepmother
  12. The first known iconic representation of the Buddha appeared in the form of a ___________.
      a. Sculpture in the round
      b. Bas relief
      c. Coin
      d. Cave painting
  13. The Second Buddhist Council was convened to
      a. Preserve the teaching
      b. Form a canon
      c. Get consensus on the monastic precepts
      d. Expel fallen monks
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