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You will find two kinds of resources on this site. Discussion questions correspond to each of the chapters in the text. For each chapter, numerous thought-provoking queries pertaining to the contents of the chapter are provided. The questions do not require you to read any material aside from the chapter. Online discussion questions similarly correspond to the book's chapters, but in this case for each chapter there are five questions that make reference to one or two online research studies. Unlike the regular discussion questions, you will need to read at least one additional research study to be able to answer the online discussion questions. They require you to apply what you have learned in the chapter to an actual research study.

If your instructor assigned this book to your whole class, he or she has access to PowerPoints and a test bank. If your instructor is not using those materials for the whole class but you would like to get extra practice, consider requesting that he or she get in touch with the Oxford University Press representative to obtain access and download the materials for you to study with.

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