Page 20: Chapter 2 Lesson 1

The result for the command exp(pi*sqrt(163)) is displayed as 2.6354e+17 while the exact display by Matlab is 2.6354e+017. Similarly 1.6331e+016

Page 49: Chapter 2 Lesson 8

After defining variables 'x' and 'y' as real, the definition of 'inner_product' must be given again to obtain the 'inner_product' as 'x^2 +y^2'

The book has:

inner_product= v‘*v
x y real

To be changed to:

syms x y real


Page 50: Chapter 2 Lesson 9

Problem 1(b): The book has: Show that (x^2 -4x + 4) is a factor of "f". The factor of the expression is (x^2 - 4x - 4)

Problem 1(c): There is no function called ‘factorize’ as mentioned in the question rather the function looked for is ‘factor’

Problem 4: The heading of the question is ‘Solving simultaneous nonlinear equations’. The nonlinear equations are:

3x 3 + y 2 – 1 = 0

x4 – 10y2 + 2 = 0

Page 67: Chapter 3

The last commands in the tutorials have a wrong solution

The book has:

ans =
       5       1       1       0       0       1

Instead of:

ans  =
       1       1       1       0       0       1

Page 119: Chapter 4

Spelling of 'Fibonacci' is printed as 'FIBBONACI' in the comments of the example of Recursion

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