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Biochemistry: The Molecular Basis of Life is the ideal text for students who do not specialize in biochemistry but who require a strong grasp of biochemical principles. The goal of this edition has been to enrich the coverage of chemistry while better highlighting the biological context. Once concepts and problem—solving skills have been mastered, students are prepared to tackle the complexities of science, modern life, and their chosen professions.

Chemical and Biological Principles in Balance Designed from the start for a one–semester survey course, McKee & McKee introduces students to the fascinating world of biochemical principles with just the right amount of detail.  Chemical and biological concepts are presented in neither too deep nor too shallow a fashion, helping students see not just the details, but the bigger picture that connects these fields.  

Real–World Relevance From new chapter–opening vignettes through vivid in-chapter essays and fully integrated coverage, the authors consistently connect important biochemical principles to the worlds of medicine, nutrition, agriculture, bioengineering and forensics. Students will understand both the relevance of biochemistry and the latest developments in the field.

Superior Problem–Solving Program The fifth edition includes 20 percent more end-of-chapter problems – already doubled in the previous edition – now approximately 60 per chapter and the most in any textbook. The expanded problem sets span a range of difficulty and applications, from basic practice problems to more challenging integrative exercises. This edition continues to feature the popular in–chapter "Worked Problems" that provide students with the opportunity to put their knowledge into action, right where new concepts are introduced. New with this edition, Sapling Learning’s online homework system is a powerful and effective tool for your course.

Currency The fifth edition has been fully updated to include recent discoveries, including new discussions of epigenetics and the epigenome and the contribution of dietary fructose to the current epidemics of obesity and type II diabetes. Other enhanced coverage concerns protein folding, glucose transport mechanisms, macromolecular crowding, RNAi, gene silencing, molecular chaperones, and biotechnology, to keep students up-to-date and poised for further study.

Simple, Clear Illustrations With dozens of new and enhanced figures, now also expanded and relabeled for lecture display, the fifth edition of McKee & McKee incorporates a superior art program designed to help students develop a strong visual grasp of biochemical processes.

The fifth edition comes with a variety of ancillary materials for instructors and for students, and a detailed list of what's new to this edition appears [link to new page]

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