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The answers to end-of-chapter problems accessible through this page are intended for use only by instructors in water chemistry courses using the text book associated with this web site. If you are not such an instructor, please exit this page now. To maintain the long-term usefulness of the problems as learning exercises for students, we strongly urge instructors not to provide access to this page to their students and also not to provide electronic or paper copies of the files in whole or part to their students or to anyone else who is not involved in teaching a university-level course using this text.

Because the problem solutions are intended for instructors rather than students, we have taken the liberty of not including details on some calculations, and in some cases we skipped or combined steps that seemed obvious to us (but may not be so obvious to students). Some of the problems are "open-ended," and some are subject to several interpretations such that there is not necessarily a single correct answer. We think that the answers provided here represent logical ways to interpret the problems, however. We also have tried carefully to insure that the provided answers are correct. We would be pleased to learn from instructors if they think that alternative answers should be included here or if any answers are found to be in error. In either case, please contact us at so that we can make appropriate corrections.

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