The following link will allow you to download a zipped folder containing files for using the kinetics simulation program Acuchem via the Achem applet, which is written in Java script. The pdf "Braun_Acuchem_1988" is a reprint of the original paper describing Acuchem, and we strongly recommend reading it before using the program. A Word file labeled "quick user guide" provides instructions on setting up and using the Achem applet. The folder labeled "AchemJune" includes the Achem applet, the Acuchem executable file, which is run by the applet, and three example input files, along with their raw output files and output files converted by the applet into CSV files which can be imported directly into Excel. The authors gratefully acknowledge the help of Mike Evans, PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Minnesota, who wrote the Achem applet.


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