Cultural Anthropology, 9e

Welcome to the companion website for Cultural Anthropology:
A Perspective on the Human Condition
, Ninth Edition, by Emily
A. Schultz and Robert H. Lavenda. Containing resources for
instructors and students, this site is designed to supplement
and enhance the material found in the text.

In About the Book, you will find:
About the Authors
Highlights and Key Features
Table of Contents

In Human Evolution chapter you will find:
A full-length chapter on Human Evolution, available as a PDF
at no charge.

In Instructor Resources, you will find:
A Note on Anthropological Films
Chapter Outlines
Guest Editorials
PowerPoint Presentations
Suggestions for Class Discussions

In Student Resources, you will find:
Chapter Outlines
Flashcards for Key Terms
Guest Editorials
Study Strategies Guide


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