Table of Contents

PART I: Motivations and Methods

  1. The Big Picture
  2. One Way to Measure Fielding
  3. Measuring the Many Measures of Fielding
  4. Putting Great Players from Different Eras on an ‘Equal’ Footing

PART II: The Greatest Fielders of All Time

  1. Introduction to Part II
  2. Catcher
  3. First Base
  4. Left Field
  5. Right Field
  6. Third Base
  7. Center Field
  8. Second Base
  9. Shortstop
  10. Conclusion

Appendices (On-Line at

  1. More on Defensive Regression (or Runs) Analysis (DRA)
  2. Career defensive runs at first base and catcher
  3. Single-season ratings for all fielders since 1893
  4. Certain Retrosheet data used for DRA
  5. More on incorporating DRA into replacement value player ratings
  6. New approaches to historical pitcher evaluation using DRA


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