Appendix A : More on Defensive Regression (or Runs) Analysis (DRA)
Appendix A.pdf

Appendix B : Career defensive runs at first base and catcher
Appendix B.xls

Appendix C : Single-season ratings for all fielders since 1893
Appendix C_ Catcher.xls
Appendix C_First Base.xls
Appendix C_Second Base.xls
Appendix C_Third Base.xls
Appendix C_Shortstop.xls
Appendix C_Left Field.xls
Appendix C_Center Field.xls
Appendix C_Right Field.xls
Appendix C_Outfielders.xls

Appendix D : Certain Retrosheet data used for DRA
Appendix D.xls

Appendix E : More on incorporating DRA into replacement value player ratings
Appendix E.pdf

Appendix F : New approaches to historical pitcher evaluation using DRA
Appendix F.pdf

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