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Freedom of speech in London Central Park (1874), as in the film Disraeli (dir. Alfred E. Green)
Duration: 1' 30"

Liberation of France from Nazi Germany (1944), as in the film Is Paris Burning? (dir. Rene Clement)
Duration: 3' 35"

Surrender of Japanese military dictatorship (1945), as in the film Japan's longest day (dir. Kihachi Okamoto) Duration: 2' 46"

Resistance to Soviet-imposed Communism in Czechoslovakia (1968), as in the film Unbearable Lightness of Being (dir. Philip Kaufman)
Duration: 5' 30"

Struggling for voting in Iran (2001), as in the film Secret Ballot (dir. Babak Payami)
Duration: 1' 36"

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