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Authoritarian rule in Mexico, Profirio Díaz (1910), as in the film Viva Zapata (dir. Elia Kazan) (in Spanish)
Duration: 5' 2"

Parody of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany (1940), as in the film The Great Dictator (dir. Charles Chaplin)
Duration: 3' 45"

Police control in former Communist East Germany (1984), as in the film The Lives of Others (dir. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck)
Duration: 2' 4"

Totalitarianism according to George Orwell, as in the film 1984 (dir. Michael Radford)
Duration: 2' 40"

Imaginary conspiracy against democracy in the United States (1964), as in the film Seven Days in May (dir. John Frankenheimer)
Duration: 3' 42"

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