George Gordon, Lord Byron
from Manfred, A Dramatic Poem (1817)
lines 60–72

[Nemesis is a character in this long, dramatic poem; this snippet may reveal what Nemesis is seen to do in the world]

FIRST DESTINY. Say, where hast thou been?
My sisters and thyself are slow tonight.

NEMESIS. I was detained repairing shattered thrones,
Marrying fools, restoring dynasties,
Avenging men upon their enemies,
And making them repent their own revenge;
Goading the wise to madness; from the full
Shaping out oracles to rule the world
Afresh, for they were waxing out of date,
And mortals dared to ponder for themselves,
To weigh kings in the balance, and to speak
Of freedom, the forbidden fruit. — Away!
We have outstayed the hour — mount we our clouds!

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