1. “In the beginning,” the Bible tells us,
      a. “time and chaos formed all things.”
      b. “day and night, evening and morning, summer and winter manifest the turning of the great wheel of the eternal All.”
      c. “nothing was, nor could be.”
      d. “God created the heavens and the earth.”
  2. Human beings
      a. were created sinful, as is shown by the story of Cain killing Abel.
      b. fell away from their original goodness because they wanted to be like God, making their own rules to live by.
      c. are destined to live in the “kingdom of God” because of their original goodness.
      d. help each other according to the Golden Rule.
  3. Jesus says,
      a. “Take care for your soul, which is your pure and noble essence, that it remain undefiled.”
      b. “How hard it will be for those who are poor to enter into the kingdom of God.”
      c. “As you wish that men would do to you, do so to them.”
      d. “No one can serve two masters; indeed, serve no master at all if you would be free.”
  4. Christians believe that
      a. humans can only be justified by observing all the precepts of the Law.
      b. the very wisdom through which the world was made can be found in the life and character of Jesus.
      c. our salvation will be accomplished through knowledge and education.
      d. the Jewish Old Testament must be repudiated by believers in Jesus.
  5. St. Paul taught that
      a. the soul is essentially good, and salvation consists in becoming aware of who you are.
      b. Jesus and Socrates are much alike--men of virtue whom it would be wise to imitate.
      c. the will is in conflict with itself and we cannot save ourselves.
      d. unless we live good lives, we cannot inherit the kingdom of Heaven.
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