Web Links

Audacity. Offers free download of the digital sound editing program Audacity. Can be used with PC or Mac.

Australian Broadcasting Company. Music programming and interesting commentaries.

BBC music resources. Includes news, concerts, and interviews with popular music artists.

Billboard. Popular music news and popularity charts.

Brown University collection of African American sheet music.

Carbon/Silicon. Free MP3 downloads from the band Carbon/Silicon, which includes punk legends Mick Jones and Tony James.

Carter Family Memorial Music Center. A nonprofit organization. Contains information about the Carter Family and early American popular music.

Covers Project. A searchable database of popular cover songs.

Country Music Hall of Fame. Includes video and audio clips of famous country music artists.

Duke University collection of nineteenth-century broadsides. The music section has several useful articles about the structure of music.

Elvis Presley's Graceland. Information about Presley and his former home, Graceland.

Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum. Educational resources about popular music are available.

Federal Communications Commission, Obscenity, Indecency & Profanity. Information about what can and can't be said on the radio.

Grand Old Opry archives. Audio files of older Grand Old Opry broadcasts.

Kennedy Center, Millennium Stage. A searchable database of live performances from the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

Ill Doctrine. Jay Smooth's video blog about hip-hop culture. Free music service with an impressively broad collection. Will recommend and play songs based on other songs you like.

Merlot Educational Resources. Includes music-related educational material.

Microsoft. Downloadable freeware programs including Photostory3 and video editors are available.

Motown Rocords. Contains biographies of current and former Motown artists

MTV. Contains a searchable database of music videos and news about artists.

The Musicology Show. Offers videos that explain concepts related to popular music.

MySpace. Audio files and information about artists are available.

National Public Radio music resources. Includes concerts and interviews with artists.

New York Times. Commentary and media features about music.

Pandora blog. Artist interviews and concerts as part of Pandora Internet radio.

Pandora Internet radio and the Music Genome Project.

Public Broascasting Service. A earchable database includes interviews and commentary about popular music.

Punk News. Information about punk music and artists.

Red hot jazz. early Jazz media files, essays, and musician information.

Rock and  Roll Hall of Fame. Educational resources and artist information.

RollingStone magazine. News, commentary, and "best of" lists.

Smithsonian Folkways. Part of the Smithsonian Institute, this site offers educational resources free of charge.

University of Houston. Examples of digital storytelling.

Virtual Theremin

Woody Guthrie's official website. Contains artwork, pictures, and lyrics related to Woody Guthrie's music.

WSM. Listen to live broadcasts of the legendary country music radio station. Live broadcasts of the Grand Old Opry are available.

Youtube. Contains a searchable database that includes  popular music performances and commentary. Also, tutorials for using programs like audacity and photostory are available.

Zunal. A searchable collection of webquests, including some related to music.

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