Praise for Neuropsychological Assessment

From Reviews of Previous Editions

“The book, often referred to as ‘Lezak’, is without question the most widely-consulted source on neuropsychological assessment as a clinical enterprise. The fourth edition continues in the great tradition of its predecessors.”
Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society

“Neuropsychological Assessment represents a monumental achievement by the authors and remains the most important text on clinical neuropsychological assessment. No practitioner or researcher should be without it.”
Advances in Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation

“It is to the credit of these authors who have not only undertaken this monumental task, but have pulled it off in an altogether scholarly and professional way that this new volume takes its rightful place among the leading books in contemporary neuropsychology.”
The Clinical Neuropsychologist

“. . . the book is a veritable graduate course in the field of psychological assessment, and readers will find information chronicling the most effective ways psychologists have to evaluate and examine the inner workings of the brain.”
The Electric Review

“This is and will remain a very important and central book in clinical neuropsychology. No other current book dealing with the practice of adult clinical neuropsychology has as much to offer . . . A truly impressive achievement.”
Journal of Clinical Neuropsychology

“Hailed by many as the most comprehensive sourcebook in the field of neuropsychological assessment . . . It not only should serve as a reference, but also should be frequently referred to as a working textbook, occupying a central place on one’s bookshelves.”
Contemporary Psychology

“No other textbook offers to integrate such a diversity of information on such a wide range of abnormal brain conditions . . . Lezak is to be congratulated for making substantial improvements in a previously excellent text.”
Journal of Personality Assessment

“Encompasses both theoretical and practical concerns in an eminently readable style punctuated by clinical anecdotes and case histories . . . There is no single source available today that is so comprehensive; its sheer volume also serves as a persuasive reminder of how fast this field has grown.”
Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

“Overall this volume is well organized and provides a definitive guide for neuropsychological assessment.  This 4th edition is a useful reference for clinicians and investigators concerned with the neurobehavioral aspects of neurological disease and injury, and it is indispensable for clinical neuropsychologists.”
Journal of Neurosurgery

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