The landmark first edition of Neuropsychological Assessment appeared in 1976. Now, 35 years later, this classic text continues to be an essential resource for clinicians, research scientists, students, and teachers in the fields of clinical and experimental neuropsychology, behavioral neurology, cognitive neuroscience, and their associated disciplines. As with earlier editions, the fifth edition provides a comprehensive review of the major neurobehavioral disorders associated with brain dysfunction and injury, and also a detailed overview of assessment practices and issues. Since publication of the previous edition, new structural imaging techniques and a wealth of functional imaging data have yielded invaluable insights into brain structure and its neuropsychological functions and dysfunctions. The fifth edition utilizes this knowledge in a large color plate section with fully explained photographic and neuroradiologic images of both healthy and diseased brains. This edition also includes new resources such as a Neuroimaging Primer, a comparison table of the neuropsychological features of progressive dementias, and the several sets of diagnostic criteria for concussion. Recently published tests and test batteries are evaluated, as well as the older ones that continue to be relevant for contemporary neuropsychological assessment. The chapters on assessment techniques, tests, and procedures provide a foundation for evidence-based neuropsychology science and practice.


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