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  1. Textual scholarship
      a. focuses on symbols and images in texts
      b. aims to establish authentic texts
      c. identifies archetypes in texts
      d. looks at individual works as organic forms
  2. Which of the following is NOT one of the traditional approaches to literature?
      a. textual scholarship
      b. historical/biographical criticism
      c. formalism
      d. source study
  3. Source studies scholars concentrate on
      a. formal aspects of rhythm and meter in poetry
      b. tracing allusions in texts to other texts
      c. only Greek and Roman sources
      d. all of the above
  4. Genre refers to the
      a. period in which a literary work is set
      b. origins of a literary work
      c. form of a literary work
      d. value of a literary work
  5. Aristotle's Poetics describes the basic elements of drama, including the effect of catharsis. What is catharsis?
      a. the tragic flaw
      b. the chorus
      c. the tragic hero
      d. the sense of pity and fear in the audience at the hero's demise
  6. Historical-biographical approaches involve
      a. a focus on the life, time, and environment of the author and/or characters
      b. an examination of how external factors affect the text
      c. a focus on the aesthetics of the text
      d. both a and b
  7. The most important element defining a short story is
      a. unity
      b. suspense
      c. strong characters
      d. complex detail
  8. The most significant source of imagery and symbolism, as well as theme, in "Young Goodman Brown" is
      a. transcendentalism
      b. Dante's Inferno
      c. Milton's Paradise Lost
      d. the Bible
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