New Features

As a result of the rapid pace of discovery in the life sciences and our commitment to provide students with the highest-quality learning system available in any entomology textbook, we have revised the fourth edition in the following ways:

  • New Coauthors: David White is joined by two colleagues from Indiana University: Jim Drummond and Clay Fuqua. Each of the new co-authors is a respected authority in their respective fields, and each scholar is contributing chapters that make White the most authoritative and current resource available.

  • New Chapters: The fourth edition includes three new chapters: Chapter 11 - RNA and Protein Synthesis, Chapter 21 - Microbial Films - Structured Multicellular Assemblies, Chapter 22 - Cell-Cell Communication Mechanisms

  • Comprehensive Updating: The new edition has been thoroughly revised to include the latest developments from the field, including topics such as genomics, microbial diversity, systems biology, cell-to-cell signaling, biofilms, and much more.

  • Thematic Emphasis: The introduction of two new themes: 1) a comprehensive energetics perspective, and 2) molecular machinery has been applied across the text to help create a unifying narrative across biological principles

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