About the Book

Recording on a Budget equips readers with all of the tools they need to make high-quality audio recordings without breaking the bank.  In this practical guide, expert author Brent Edstrom walks readers through everything they need to know in order to assess audio recording equipment and software, make smart purchasing decisions, and use audio recording technology effectively.

Recording on a Budget is ideal for:

  • Musicians who are interested in recording a quality CD or demo
  • Choir, orchestra, and band directors who want to record vocal or instrumental ensemble
  • Student performers and composers who wish to record a performance or produce their own music
  • Bands interested in recording live concerts or recording an album in a home studio
  • Videographers interested in recording location sound, voice-overs or music
  • Songwriters who wish to produce a quality demo
  • Podcasters

and ALL who want to make quality recordings without spending fortunes on equipment

Readers will learn

  • Tips for effective microphone placement, assembling an equipment rack, mixing desk, and speaker stand
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • And to be creative and have fun with recording technology

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