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Known for its richly diversified styles of repertoire and ensemble pieces and its abundance of creative materials, Contemporary Class Piano, Seventh Edition, includes the widest-ranging repertoire of solo and ensemble pieces available in any beginning piano text. Elyse Mach presents an abundant solo and ensemble repertoire—which includes classical pieces and folk, jazz, rock, pop, and blues tunes—providing ample opportunities for students to improvise, transpose, harmonize, and compose accompaniments.


  • Reorganized from six to ten units, the material is now more accessible for classroom use.

  • Twenty diverse new reading, repertoire, and ensemble pieces introduce students to music of various styles and levels of difficulty.

  • Unit 9 provides additional practice opportunities in interpreting chord symbols and harmonizing.

  • More score reading examples in three- and four-part settings provide reinforcement of chorale style reading.

  • Alto and tenor clef reading examples are introduced.

  • Two new appendices offer more help: Appendix B features vocal and instrumental accompaniments to help students further develop skills, and Appendix E offers a timeline and historical overview of the style and characteristics of music from the Baroque period through the 21st century.

  • Appendix A presents new material on transposing instruments.

  • New CD and MIDI disk icons in the text indicate track numbers for ease of reference.

  • “Practice Strategies” boxes give beginners helpful hints.

  • A “Classic Miniatures” section of excerpts contains original keyboard pieces written by master composers.

  • Worksheets appearing at the end of most chapters provide further practice opportunities.


  • A new in-text audio CD for students, which includes orchestrations by renowned composers Phillip Keveren and Jason Nyberg, presents selected pieces at both practice tempo and performance tempo.

  • A set of four MIDI disks—containing approximately 240 orchestration accompaniments prepared by composers Phillip Keveren and Jason Nyberg—motivates students to practice and complete their assignments more readily. This set is available free to adopters.

  • The Instructor’s Companion Website ( will offer suggested lesson plans, teaching tips, and full track listings for the in-text CD and Instructor MIDI disks.


“This class piano text is the best available—the introduction generates excitement in the first paragraph! The choice of music is excellent. The procedures are detailed enough without rushing through the basics. The worksheet reviews are comprehensive, but not intimidating. The writing exercises are fun and challenging at the same time. The students will love the added CD (which has orchestrations), and so will the instructor!”—Gwen Threadgill, Troy University

“This text has a clear, systematic, and creative approach to introducing and reinforcing concepts. It is very user-friendly for both the instructor and student. The worksheet reviews help to reinforce the concepts learned. . . . The stylistically diverse repertoire is suitably and tastefully chosen. The inclusion of 20th-century repertoire and techniques makes the text refreshing and up-to-date. The enhanced materials are particularly useful and appealing. They provide extra exercises and ensemble pieces in addition to introducing accessible classic pieces.”—Susan Chan, Portland State University

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