Additional Recommended Readings

Collins, R. K. L., and Chaltain, S. (2011). We must not be afraid to be free: Stories of free expression in America.  New York: Oxford University Press.  This book recounts stories of the First Amendment by exploring cases in which there have been debates between those attempting to regulate behavior and those arguing that the First Amendment protects it.

Fletcher, G. P. (1988). A crime of self defense: Bernhard Goetz and the law on trial. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.  The story of a high-profile case involving a shooting incident in the New York City subway system, this book discusses issues related to the incident and trial, particularly focusing on debates about self-defense.

Katz, L. (1987). Bad acts and guilty minds: Conundrums of the criminal law. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.  This book raises many questions for thought and discussion about dilemmas related to real and hypothetical criminal cases, focused on mens rea, actus reus, causation, conspiracy, inchoate offenses, and the necessity defense.

Morris, N. (1992). The brothel boy and other parables of the law. New York: Oxford University Press.  This book presents eight original stories, each of which raises an important issue for the criminal law, which the reader is challenged to consider and resolve.

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