Additional Recommended Readings

Grisham, J. (2006). The innocent man: Murder and injustice in a small town. New York: Delta.  The true story of a murder case, this book traces the conviction and ultimate exoneration of an innocent man; as you read, consider how aspects of procedural justice are, or are not, illustrated.

Leveritt, M. (2002).  Devil's knot: The true story of the West Memphis Three. New York: Atria Books.  The story of a controversial murder case, this book traces events related to the crime and investigation, including questions about evidence.

Long, C. N. (2006). Mapp v. Ohio: Guarding against unreasonable searches and seizures.  Lawrence: University Press of Kansas.  This book provides an interesting overview of the background and outcome of the Mapp v. Ohio decision, including the persons and events that were involved.

Packer, H. L. (1968). The limits of criminal sanction. Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press.  This book provides a theoretical but readable discussion of criminal law and the criminal justice system, including the classic treatment of due process and crime control models.

Tyler, T. R. (2006). Why people obey the law. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.  The author, one of the leading theorists of procedural justice,explores the factors, many of them related to procedural justice, that promote legitimacy and acceptance of the law.

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