Additional Recommended Readings

Best, J. (1990). Threatened children: Rhetoric and concern about child-victims. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.  This discussion of the development of law and justice policies pertaining to children heavily explores the dynamics of policy development.

Lerner, S. (2005). Diamond: A struggle for environmental justice in Louisiana's chemical corridor.  Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.  Environmental justice is closely related to social justice in this exploration of the inequitable distribution of pollution and environmental risks; this is the compelling story of the pursuit of environmental justice in Louisiana.

MacCoun, R. J., and Reuter, P. (2001). Drug war heresies: Learning from other vices, times, and places. New York: Cambridge University Press.  This exploration of drug policy in the United States considers factors that have shaped policy and provides historical and comparative perspectives on it.

Reiman, J., and Leighton, P. (2009). The rich get richer and the poor get prison: Ideology, class, and criminal justice (9th ed.).  Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.  This criminal justice classic explores the connections between social justice and the criminal justice system.

Stern, G. M. (1976). The Buffalo Creek disaster: How the survivors of one of the worst disasters in coal-mining history brought suit agianst the coal company—and won. New York: Vintage Books.  In the aftermath of a dam failure resulting in numerous deaths and injuries, the survivors sued the company that had built the structure; this book recounts the story of the lawsuit.

Walker, S. (2011). Sense and non-sense about crime, drugs, and communities (7th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.  This criminal justice classic sets forth what is known about criminal justice policies and their effectiveness, sometimes providing surprising information.

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