Additional Recommended Readings

Burns, S. (2011). The Central Park Five: A chronicle of a city wilding. New York: Knopf.  This book presents the story of the investigation of a high-profile New York City murder case, including the conviction and eventual exoneration of suspects, raising questions about flaws in the pursuit of justice.

Feeley, M. M. (1992). The process is the punishment: Handling cases in a lower criminal court.  New York:  Russell Sage Foundation.  This criminal justice classic explores the assembly-line justice that is characteristic of lower-court processes; consider how these processes illustrate concepts of distributive justice.

Schmidtz, D. (2006). Elements of justice. New York: Cambridge University Press.  This book provides a theoretical but readable discussion of perspectives on what justice means and how it is applied.

When reading each of the following stories, classics in their own right, consider the dilemmas about justice (and particularly distributive justice) that they raise, and how you think they ought to be resolved.

Jackson, S. (1948). "The lottery."  (Widely anthologized; any version.)

Le Guin, U. K. (1973). "The ones who walk away from Omelas."  (Widely anthologized; any version.)

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