Additional Recommended Readings

Baatz, S. (2008). For the thrill of it: Leopold, Loeb, and the murder that shocked Chicago. New York: Harper.  The story of a murder labeled the "crime of the century" in the 1920s, this book provides an overview of the case, the offenders, the trial, and the psychological arguments that were offered at the time to explain the offenders' actions.

Black, D. (1976). The behavior of law. New York: Academic Press.  This book provides a theoretical discussion of law and social control, further elaborating upon many points made in the chapter.

Conrad, P., and Schneider, J. W. (1980). Deviance and medicalization: From badness to sickness. St. Louis, MO: C. V. Mosby Company.  A comprehensive overview of the medicalization of deviance, this book provides a more thorough discussion of many ideas from this chapter.

Consalvo, M. (2007). Cheating: Gaining advantage in videogames. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. This book about cheating in video games provides an exploration of the ways in which cheating is or is not defined as a form of deviance, and the controls that attempt to prevent it.

Earley, P. (2006). Crazy: A father's search through America's mental health madness. New York: Putnam.  In this book, the author explores the mental health system in the United States, with a particular emphasis on his observations of the prevalence and treatment (or lack thereof) of mental illness in the criminal justice system. (The author was granted access to a major urban jail where he conducted observations and interviews.)  

Erikson, K. T. (2005). Wayward Puritans: A study in the sociology of deviance. Boston: Allyn & Bacon Classics.  A sociological classic first published in 1966, this book considers how deviance was defined by the Puritan settlers, incorporating a discussion of the withcraft panic.

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